Mahabharatham 11/26/13

Mahabharatham | மகாபாரதம்!
Duryodhanan comes to argue with Bheeman and indulge in a fight. Bhisman punishes Bheeman and Duryodhanan. Kunti tells the Pandavas to share the punishment among themselves while she was praying. Yudhistran tells Kunti that they are not welcomed in the palace. Saguni plots to kill Bheeman by making a poison. The Pandavas play a game. Bheeman throws the ball at Duhsala’s doll and see cries. Duryodhanan acts innocent and supports Bheeman. Duhsala throws the ball to the well. Someone with the help of sticks take the ball from well. Who is this person with great accuracy?

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